Pidetään yhdessä huolta Attendo-kodeissa asuvien turvallisuudesta ja hyvinvoinnista. Ethän tule vierailulle, jos sinulla tai perheenjäsenelläsi on todettu altistuminen tai koronavirustartunta, tai vähäisiäkään flunssan oireita. Pidäthän maskia vierailun ajan ja noudatathan hyvää käsihygieniaa.

to Attendo employee

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Dear Attendo employee,

if someone had told me in January 2020 that the pandemic would continue to disrupt our lives for over two years, I would not have believed them. I realise that many of us have become very frustrated with the pandemic as it refuses to end. On top of that, we have to, time and time again, gather our strength to maintain our operations under these challenging conditions.

The employees in Attendo homes protect our residents every day, in many different ways. There are many strict instructions and rules that apply to you, and they now include the coronavirus vaccine regulation for social welfare and healthcare workers. And I am sure that we all want to put the daily use of face masks behind us.

People working in service operations now work from their homes. Many of them live alone, which means that their human interactions may be limited to the endless stream of Teams meetings. Or they are surrounded by their family members occupied with their own tasks, in which case the working environment is not very peaceful.

I want to thank you in particular and you all collectively. You have worked well together, despite these unusual circumstances. I truly appreciate the effort you have put into your work.

Each one of us can show their compassion and support by stopping for a second to have a calm moment with their colleague. Ask the other employees how they are doing and listen to what they have to say. I hope that you all continue to share the happy moments in your everyday life on Atso, as there all Attendo employees around Finland can see how important encounters between people are. I have been very happy to see that even in the middle of a pandemic, you have put your hearts into your work. We at the Attendo management team are doing everything we can to ensure that everyday life in all Attendo homes will remain as easy as possible.

To paraphrase the fine words in Samuli Putro’s song “Älkää unohtako toisianne” (“Do not forget one another”):

As life tends to repeat itself, you need to find exceptions

A “thank you” said in the moment may echo for months

When you are fragile, you are rock-strong

Trust that life will be there for you; enjoy the shared journey

Do not forget one another

 Let us remember the message of these words. There is light at the end of the pandemic tunnel. 

Kind regards,